Kingdoms of Caelum

Kingdoms of Caelum, Autumn of the War Queen

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 Autumn of the War  Queen

 This is the first book of the Trilogy which will be the dangerous world of the Kingdoms of Caelum.

   * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 In the Realms of Caelum, four ancient Kingdoms sit docile in the clouds, each one as dangerous as the next. For many years peace has prevailed, until now.

Sixteen year old Katla Veurink is out of her depth, caught in a vicious game of treachery. Cast out from the Kingdom she loved. It is up to her now to choose her own path and fight the many dangers, both above and below the Kingdoms. But will she be able to piece together the real reason for her exile? And why are the demon Rakshasha so interested in her?

Only steel determination will see her through, and she would do well to remember; never trust a Dark Elf.


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